Physical Rehabilitation

Strength, Flexibility, Mobility, Motor Control. Muscle Imbalances. There are many pieces to the puzzle. Passive procedures can only take us so far. Its important to take an active role in your care if you are interested in complete, rapid recovery recovery.

The key to successful rehab and return to plan/activity is an individualized and progressive plan. A solid assessment is needed to pinpoint the problems and choose the appropriate strategy. Here are some of the strategies used:


Corrective exercises are based on the individual’s specific weaknesses and/or limitations.
Directional based exercises are designed to decrease pain and improve function. Commonly used in acute conditions and low back/leg pain. Example: sciatica.
Condition Specific – Specific protocols are utilized for certain conditions. Example: tendonitis/tendinopathy, spinal stenosis.
Stabilization/Motor Control -The most common model utilized by rehabilitation professionals. Example: Shoulder rehabilitation, spine rehabilitation.
MedX® testing and strengthening – Recognized as the Gold Standard for treating and reducing chronic neck & back pain through specific spinal strengthening.

Movement Screens are also used in specific situations:
Runner’s gait analysis
Selective Functional Movement Assessment
Functional Movement Screen
Golf Specific Assessment
ACL hop testing protocol for ACL injury risk

Other Ancillary Services Related to Strength & Conditioning:
Isokinetic muscle testing(most commonly used with hamstring injuries)
VO2 Max testing(in conjunction with exercise physiologist Kevin Mckee, MS)
Lactate threshold testing (in conjunction with exercise physiologist Kevin Mckee, MS)
MedX spine testing-compare your spine extensor strength with normalized data to determine if you are a candidate for specific spine strengthening exercises.

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Soft Tissue Mobilization

Specific and specialized techniques are used to treat muscles and connective tissue. Treatment of these structures is known as soft tissue mobilization.

Most major insurance plans are accepted.